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Gypsum products co., LTD. Is a company mainly engaged in gesso line、Handmade quality gesso line、Gesso line、Gypsum block、Gypsum powder、The lamp panel、Flat line、Horny line、Roman column、Roman chapiter profiled gesso line customized products such as production and marketing of gesso line manufacturers。Our factory of gypsum products in all、The price is reasonable,Each part of the product sales。The product is light of green environmental protection building materials,With the features of easy production、The surface level off is smooth、The dimension stability of high accuracy、Metope, integral sex is good、Transfer outside science、Heat insulation、Sound insulation、Heat preservation、Fire protection、Beautiful and good durability。Since the production of gypsum products co., LTD,To comply with the standard quality won the trust of customers,It enjoys a high status among consumers,Company with several retailers and agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation。 ...

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Teach you how to choose gesso lineThe application of gesso line in today's market is very wide,Many used for indoor decoration,Gesso line manufacturers、There are many businesses,We don't know how to begin when the choice,Let us
Methods the ascension gesso line suspended ceiling decoration effectGesso line product is one that is commonly used in home decoration decoration materials,Concise color and appearance can make the room appears more clean and tidy,Used for ceiling design,Nor has a depressing
Install the gesso line need to pay attention toContinuously improve people's aesthetic eyes,The household life quality requirements are constantly ascension,In respect of a family to decorate is also more and more attention。In this environment and factors
Several common problems of gesso lineGesso line as decoration industry, now one of the most common decoration materials,It is the use of a certain percentage of the gypsum powder and water by mixing into the mold after drying。
Choose gesso line frequently encountered problem is introducedWhen people are buying gesso line,Have a lot of confusion and all sorts of problems。Want to buy high quality products,Just need us to have a certain understanding,Let's see
The recovery from the damaged gesso lineGesso line because it itself, factors of materials,Relative to other steel concrete is prone to breakage,In the construction process of some foods can cause some damage